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"If My Husband Cheats,I Will Castrate Him"-Uche Jumbo

In this interview with Sam Olatunji, Uche Jombo speaks on cheating and new movie ‘Unconditional’.

What is it with the celebrity kids on your new movie, ‘Unconditional’?

We didn’t set out to use celebrity kids. I told everyone including you the age range I want and people suggested the kids. Aghahowa’s daughter has wanted to act since age 5, we auditioned Chigozie, and she did well and got a coach to coach them.

Woman Pierces Neighbour’s Heart With Knife During Scuffle In Lagos

Culled from Vanguard
Saturday, June 22,2013, will for a long time remain indelible in the memory of Godwin Olah, 37, following an incident that claimed the life of his 28- year-old wife, Stella, during a row with a neighbour identified as Stella Omoigiafo Gilbert (31). The suspect, a mother of one, allegedly pierced the heart of the deceased, a mother of three aged between six and three, with a knife after a scuffle in their compound.

The grieving husband of the deceased who hails from Obudu local Government Area of Cross River State, Godwin, told Crime Alert at their number 59, Ojora Street, Ajegunle, Lagos residence that the suspect also inflicted severe injuries on his wife’s hand before piercing her heart resulting to her death. Amidst tears, he narrated his ordeal since the untimely death of his wife.

His story: ”It happened that on June 22, 2013, at about 6pm, one of my sisters came calling on us. I decided to carry one small bench at the front of a neighbour’s house for the visitor to sit inside our room. Immediately, Stella, our neighbour, rushed out of her room and accosted me, asking why I should carry the bench inside. The owner of the bench, on hearing our argument, came out and asked her to let us be, but she refused, instead she went inside, brought out hot water and poured on us. I reasoned that if I engage in a fight with her, it might result to some serious consequences, so, I went to the police station at Ajaromi and reported the case.

“On getting back to the house, I saw my wife lying on the corridor in front of our room. I shook her but no response came from her, and the lady that engaged her in a fight was nowhere to be found. Hence, I went back to the station the second time to report of her death. The Police sent an officer to accompany me and see things for herself. The officer came, saw the lifeless body of my wife on the corridor and we went back to the station where she made her report.

The Police also requested that I get a report from the General Hospital here in Ajegunle. I took the body of my wife there and she was confirmed dead on arrival. There after, with the help of some good Samaritans around, I took her body to the Naval hospital mortuary, but she was rejected because we did not go with a police report. I brought her back and laid her on the floor in our room until the next morning.

Then, I went back to the police station and was given a police van to convey her to Lagos Island mortuary. She has been at the morgue for a month and three days now. Since then, our children have been sleeping at their aunt’s house, I go there every night to pass the night with them because they can’t sleep if I am not there with them.”

Crime Alert gathered from an eye witness that after the accused poured hot water on Godwin Olah and his visiting sister, his wife went to her room to accost her on why she should treat her husband and sister in-law in such manner, a fight ensued between both women and in the process, the accused tried to drag the deceased to the stove where she was cooking to burn her, but when she discovered she could not drag Stella Godwin (the deceased) to the fire, she brought out a knife and pierced through her right arm and her heart.

“Stella died as a result of the knife wound on her heart; the fight was so fierce that we all took off, returning only to see Stella Godwin lying in a pool of her blood on the corridor in front of their room,” the eye witness said.

Another neighbour also told Crime Alert on condition of anonymity that there have been a no- love -lost relationship between the two neighbours. “Before that incident, both neighbours had lived like cat and rat in this compound. They quarrelled at the slightest misunderstanding. I wish they listened to us, this would have been averted.”

Genesis: Tracing the genesis of the quarrel between his family and the suspect, the husband of the victim also said he fell out with the accused who also shared the same first name (Stella) with his deceased wife, after he prevented her from using a knife on her (the suspect) sister during a scuffle. “I have lived in this compound for 20 years now. I was here when she rented her room. We lived as good neighbours, she was best of friends with my wife. It wasl the day I stopped the lady from using a knife to inflict injuries on her sister during a fight that she saw me, my wife and our children as enemies, “ he stated.

It was gathered that the body of the deceased has been conveyed to her home town in Obudu- Akwa-Ibom state for burial; while the accused Stella Omoigiafo Gilbert was remanded in prison custody after she was arraigned at the magistrate court in Ebute Metta.

Appropriate Or Not???Kimora Lee Goes Topless In The Presence Of 4 Year Old Son.

This happened two weekends ago. Fashion mogul Kimora Lee Simmons was spotted on vacation in Saint-Tropez smoking cigarettes and going topless in front of her kids.And a lot of people have thrashed her for doing that. What do you think?At what age should mothers stop being naked around their male kids? More pics after the cut..

21-Year-Old Man Scales Rehabilitation Centre Fence To Have Sex With Mad Woman,In Lagos

A 21-year old man, Lateef Sulaiman (PICTURED) has been arrested  after he allegedly scaled a 14-feet fence to gain entrance into the Lagos State Rehabilitation and Training Centre, Majidun area of Ikorodu, Lagos, southwest Nigeria, with the intention of having sex with a mad woman.+

He succeeded as he was said to have jumped into the female dormitory around 9.30 p.m. recently and had sex with a deranged woman before he was arrested and handed over to the taskforce at Alausa.

#BBATheChase:Beverly and Angelo Plan Marriage?

Relationships in the House are always complex, especially when they become intimate. Beverly and Angelo can attest to this as they got to know one another first as contenders in the game and then as lovers. Tonight they spoke about their fears when they leave Biggie’s House and have to be a couple in the real world.

PHOTO:Check Out Nonso Diobi's New Blonde look

The Nollywood actor recently shared new photos of his new look... you like?

VIDEO:Girl Accused of Stealing, Stripped And Flogged By Women (WATCH)

The video below shows a girl accused of stealing and was publicly humiliated,stripped naked and treated in a degrading and disgraceful manner . These type of public humiliation needs to stop. A man is not guilty until proven in court. Nobody has the right to put his hands on another person to abuse them in anyway for whatever reason.this is so not fair .Watch the video below:

Actor Bob Manuel Udokwu loses mum

Bob Manuel lost his mum on Saturday July 20th. She was 78 years old and died peacefully in her sleep. May her soul rest in peace..

PICTURED:Forbes List Of Hollywood's Highest Earning Actresses

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie has been named Hollywood's highest-paid actress in Forbes' magazine's annual list of top female earner – despite not having appeared in a movie since 2010.
Jolie tops the poll with earnings of $33 million (£21.5 million).Hot on her heels, however, is 22-year-old Jennifer Lawrence, who coined in $26 million over the same period from June 2012 to June 2013, starring in a slew of hits.

Angelina Jolie - $33 million (£21.5 million)
Jennifer Lawrence - $26 million (£17 million)
Kristen Stewart - $22 million (£14.3 million)
Jennifer Aniston - $20 million (£13 million)
Emma Stone - $16 million (£10.4 million)
Charlize Theron - $15 million (£9.7 million)
Sandra Bullock - $14 million (£9.1 million)
Natalie Portman $14 million (£9.1 million)
Mila Kunis - $11 million (£7.1 million)
Julia Roberts - $11 million (£7.1 million)
photos below

Shocking: Mother caught Daughter's Maths Teacher, 35, Under Daughters Bed When She Went Home Early

When a mother made an impromptu trip to her home from work one afternoon to pick up some lunch, she was surprised to find her 16-year-old daughter was in. Mildly suspicious that she wasn’t at school, she went upstairs and discovered an unexpected visitor – the girl’s maths teacher, hiding under her bed. She called police and the 35-year-old teacher was arrested on suspicion of abusing a position of trust. Amazing what people do! Continue to read more ...

JUNGLE JUSTICE:The brutal killing of Delsu student, Ify Gabriel Nwainokpor & friend In Lagos.[PHOTO]

Policemen attached to the Badagry Police Division in Lagos State, and some hoodlums have been accused of killing a 25-year-old undergraduate of Delta State University, Ifechukwude Nwainokpor, and his friend, identified simply as Kazeem.
The lynching reportedly took place around 3pm on July 21, 2013 in Ajara area of Badagry, a community not far from Nwainokpor’s family home
It was gathered that the two victims were handcuffed together, covered in their own blood and beaten to death with sticks after disused wires were hung around their necks while irate mob shouted, “die, die, burn them, burn them.”

Meet 8 Year Old Nicknamed 'FishBoy' For Having Fish-Like Scale Covering Skin

THIS eight-year-old has been nicknamed 'fish boy' by neighbours - because he's covered from head to toe in thick, itchy scales.
Pan Xianhang was born in Wenling, China with a rare genetic skin disease known as Ichthyosis, after the ancient Greek word for fish.
Ichthyosis (plural Ichthyoses) is a heterogeneous family of at least 28 generalized, mostly genetic skin disorders. All types of ichthyosis have dry, thickened, scaly or flaky skin. In many types there is cracked skin, which is said to resemble the scales on a fish. The severity of symptoms can vary enormously, from the mildest types such as ichthyosis vulgaris which may be mistaken for normal dry skin up to life-threatening conditions such as harlequin type ichthyosis. The most common type of ichthyosis is ichthyosis vulgaris, accounting for more than 95% of cases.

Pastor arrested for convincing followers to give him Oral sex because his penis contained holy milk

An Evangelical Pastor managed to abuse victims after convincing them that his penis contains HOLY MILK. The criminal: Valdeci Sobreni Picano of Brazil.

Valdeci Sobrino Picanto is a Brazilian Evangelical Pastor. He has been arrested after deceiving the faithful using the name of the "Holy Spirit", by using these foolish lies. This criminal pastor claimed that the Holy Spirit would secrete from his penis in the form of "sacred milk". This pastor said that his penis was blessed and that "the Lord had consecrated him with divine milk of the Holy Spirit" and, of course, he had to release it in order to "evangelize".

According to one of his victims...

Man Beats Wife To Death Over A Snake Killed Inside Their Home In Edo State

A Nigerian man identified as Godwin Idon is cooling off in police detention after he allegedly beat his wife to death after his son killed a snake in their home in Uzebba-Ululeha,Owan West LGA of Edo state.
The news agency reports that serious quarrel ensued between the couple after one of their sons had allegedly killed a snake in their living room.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

PICTURED: Mother Gives Birth (Virginally) To Germany's Largest Baby EVER...13.47 Pounds & 22.6 Inches Long

Consultant physician Matthias Knuepfer and nurse My take care of Germany's heaviest newborn at the neonatal intensive care ward of the University Hospital in Leipzig, Germany, Monday, July 29, 2013. Girl Jasleen was born four days ago weighing an extraordinary 6.110 grams and measuring 57.5 cm in length.
A baby born Friday [Jul 26] in Germany is the country's largest-ever, at 13.47 pounds and 22.6 inches long.
Baby girl Jasleen arrived July 26 at University Hospital in Leipzig. Though babies of her size are often delivered via caesarean section, Jasleen's mother gave birth vaginally.

OMG!!!Catholic Priest Caught Having Sex With A Fellow Man [PHOTOS]

 A Catholic church in Cartagena,Spain has removed Francisco Javier Ruiz, the priest of the Murcian town of Churra, from his position after oral sex photos set off a social media scandal.
Spanish daily reported that images and videos were released on Twitter, purportedly showing the priest in the so-called Coto Cuadros, an area famous for “cruising” – anonymous, casual public sex.see photos below

Iroko TV Boss, Jason Njoku And Wife,Mary Remy Welcome Son[PHOTO]

Jason Njoku and wife Mary Remmy
IRoko TV CEO Jason Njoku and his wife, actress Mary Remmy Njoku welcomed a son this morning Tuesday July 30th in a UK hospital.

Mother and baby are doing well. The baby has been named Jason Obinna Njoku. congratulations!

Former President Obasanjo, Was A Troublesome Student - National Open University

The Vice Chancellor of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Prof. Vincent Ado Tenebe said Monday, that former President Olusegun Obasanjo had a rewarding post-graduate career with the institution, saying that he was however a troublesome student.

PICTURED:Evil Nurse Sets 11-Year-Old Girl Ablaze For Stealing Meat In Lagos

Doctors at the General Hospital, Gbagada, Lagos, southwest Nigeria, are seriously battling to save the life of an 11-year old girl, Ita Bassey-Eno, who was allegedly set ablaze by the woman she lives with, Mrs Nkese Iroakazi, a nurse at a hospital in Surulere.
Iroakazi was alleged to have poured kerosene on Bassey-Eno before lighting a match stick to set her ablaze after the girl was said to have stolen a piece of meat from the pot.
Witnesses said the girl ran out of their apartment at 7, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere, unto to the main road with fire all over her body as she cried for help from passers-by to rescue her.
It was gathered that someone quickly stopped his vehicle and used his fire extinguisher to put out the flame on her body.

VIDEO:Nigerian men tattoo their lips pink .LMAO

The process involves young men having their lower lip “tattooed” or bleached with a pink paint so that their lips are no longer a shade of black, but instead – a shade of pink.

The reason behind this procedure may be strange but at one tattoo parlour in Lagos, the owner explains: “We help out those with black lips, to clean their lips and make them pink.”...seriously,this look is disgusting rather than
This particular tattoo shop gets up to ten customers a day and does ‘Pink Lips’ for about 7000 Naira ($30).one of the customer was asked why he decided to get the 'tattooed pink lips'he replied
"i did it so i can be attractive to girls.girls only find men with PINK or RED lips attractive"
seriously,this look is disgusting rather than
watch the video and see for yourself

"I Never Had A Girl Friend" – Covenant University’s Best Graduating Student

Michael Eromhonsele sacrificed romance for excellence and emerged the best graduating student of Covenant University in Ota, Ogun State at 20. He was the cynosure of all eyes at the eighth graduation ceremony of the Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, on Friday. He was the best graduating student of the institution. To achieve this feat, he obtained a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.92, out of a possible 5.0, to beat 1,465 other undergraduates.welldone to him! continue to read his inteview:

PICTURED:Nigerian Comedian Donates Kidney to Save Brother's Life

Okeremute Iruvwe aka De Don, a popular comedian and OAP, has donated one of his kidneys to save his brother’s life. The Delta State-born comedian who is currently recuperating in a hospital in India gave out a kidney in order to save the life of his brother who urgently needed a transplant to survive. De Don’s brother, Morris Iruvwe had initially undergone a kidney transplant in 2009 and now required another due to the collapse of the new kidney.

PHOTO:Girl Sets Boyfriend's range sport ablaze because he cheated on her?

According to reports ,a girl caught her man cheating, she quietly bought fuel, set his newly acquired Range Sport car on fire, and fled.The guy heard people screaming outside his, came out to know what the fuss was about.He then saw his Range Sport on fire.....and fainted.Lol. Do you think he deserve such just for cheating?

Visa Lottery Winner, Other Apprehended Over Scam Marriage

Adetokunbo Adejayan and Juliet Adebisi have been arrested by the police Special Fraud Unit, Ikoyi, Lagos, for pretending to be married in order to secure a United States visa. The crime was said to have been brought to the notice of the SFU through a petition by the Assistant Regional Security Officer, United States Consulate General. Police investigation revealed that Adejayan and Adebisi were not husband and wife as claimed. See correct US Visa "runs'! Continue to read the rest of the story

Tony Braxton loses the copyright to 27 of her songs

45 year old Tony Braxton who recently got divorced from her husband of 12 years is now broke after filing for bankruptcy not once, but twice ,and has also lost the copyright to 27 of her favorite songs.

She was given the opportunity to purchase the copyright of some of her best hits from her music catalog for $20,000 when they were put up for sale on July 15.But was unsuccessful and was outbid by another buyer,Ross M. Klein who doubled the low offer Braxton made and now he now owns the rights and can profit from hits like:- How Many Ways and Always.

Billionaire Folorunsho Alakija acquires 4 G-Wagons For Her Four Grown up Sons

One of the world's richest women, billionaire oil tycoon Mrs Folorunsho Alakija recently acquired four brand new 2013 G-Wagons for her four sons, according to a report by Society Now. The luxury SUVs, which were specially made for the Alakija boys, were quietly brought into the country a few weeks back. Each is said to have cost at least N22mllion, minus shipping. Mrs Alakija is said to be worth about $600m (as of 2012) and makes about $1m daily from her oil business. She also has a real estate portfolio worth over $100 million and also is the proud owner of a Bombardier Global Express 6000 jet worth about $46million.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Battle Of The Black Dress:Who Wore It Better,Kim Kadarshian Vs Monalisa Chinda?

Reality star Kim Kadarshian and Monalisa Chinda in elegant black long lace gown.who nailed it for you?

JUST IN: PICTURED - Nigerian Army Parades 42 Boko Haram Suspects In Lagos State

The Nigerian Army on Monday [Jul 29]paraded 42 suspected Boko Haram members arrested in different parts of Lagos and Ogun States.
They were said to have fled the ongoing military intervention in some parts of the north and were arrested between July 12 and 23, 2013.

Who Am I To Judge Them? Pope Francis As He Addresses Gay Issues And Vatican 'Gay Lobby' Rumours

While taking questions from reporters on the plane back to Rome from Brazil, Pope Francis spoke about gays and the reported "gay lobby."
Aboard the papal aircraft,he reached out to gays on Monday, saying he wouldn't judge priests for their sexual orientation in a remarkably open and wide-ranging news conference as he returned from his first foreign trip.
"If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?" Pope Francis asked.

QUOTE OF THE DAY:I'm Proud To Be An Atheist-Seun Kuti

Oluseun Anikulapo Kuti ), commonly known as Seun Kuti, who is a Nigerian musician, and the youngest son of legendary afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, said he is a proud Atheist....see what he wrote:-

Nicki Minaj flaunts engagement ring after DJ Khaled's proposal

Hehehe,now i know this guy's on a different mission.....two days after DJ Khaled's the proposal[See it HERE] to Nicki Minaj, she was spotted showing off a diamond engagement ring that looks like the $500k ring DJ Khaled proposed with.

Nicki isn't engaged to DJ Khaled but she is according to reports playing along to help him promote his upcoming album. The two are said to be friends. Friends of Nicki say she found the public proposal funny.Nicki is engaged to her long-time boyfriend and hype man, Safaree.

So now you too know

COPYCATS!!!See Ladies who Recreated Some Celebrities Nude Pose

The first photo above is by 25 year old receptionist, Faith Obae 25 who lives London. She posed as Beyonce. She says: “A few people have told me I look like the singer, so I jumped at the chance to have a spray-paint treatment like hers. While 26 year old Layla Elsaeh said “Holding the pose was so difficult. They had to count me in, I’d hold it for a few minutes, then relax.“You couldn’t stay still in that pose for very long, so if Rihanna can do it, she is incredibly fit. I think the first girl(name sounds Nigerian) would pass for Beyonce. She rocked the pose.The 2nd girl looked uncomfortable though.Hehehe
What ya think?
continue to see more photos

Nigerian Porn Actress, Afro CandyPoses Without Makeup And Shows Off Boobs

Nigerian born singer, actress and producer, Judith Oparawho (Afrocandy)is the producer and was an actress in the movie'Destructive Istinct' has recently shared some raunchy photos of herself...and this is one of them which shows her with no make -up on and also drawing attention to her exposed ample bossom.

Rolari Kuti, Turns 25 ...And She Is Still A Virgin....Said Her Mother

Rolari, Yemi Anikulapo Kuti's daughter turned 25 yesterday and guess what? Rolari is still a virgin! Her mother made this known on “Lets Talk” a morning TV show on Television Continental, Lagos. Yemi said she was proud of her daughter as she remains a virgin at 25.What do you think?Pretty girl though.

Award-Winning Nigerian-Born Music Director Jailed 90 Years For Fathering Six Children With His Own Daughters...Raping Them Repeatedly!

An award-winning Nigerian music director, Aswad Ayinde, found guilty of fathering children with his daughters will spend the rest of his life in jail.

According to Mail Online, Ayinde, 55, of Paterson, New Jersey, United States, was sentenced to 50 years in prison on Friday after being found guilty in the second of five expected trials in which he is accused of repeatedly raping his six daughters, resulting in six children being fathered.

£3000 UK Visa Bond:Nigerians Begin Payment In November

British Prime Minister,David Cameron.

Despite the general outcry against its £3,000 tourists visa bond, Britain will commence the scheme in the six listed Commonwealth countries in November, Financial Times report quoted the Home Office as saying.
The Commonwealth countries to be affected by the policy which was announced in June are Nigeria, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
The affected countries are considered to be source of “high risk” tourists to the UK.
Some visitors from the six countries, under the scheme, will be asked to pay a £3,000 cash bond in return for visitor visas that allow them to stay in the UK for up to six months.
According to official data, these six countries accounted for more than half a million visa applications in 2012.

#BBATheChase Update: Nando Disqualified From Big Brother Africa

After lastnight’s [Jul 28] Evictions that saw Annabel and Sulu being given the boot, Big Brother then gathered all of the Housemates in the living room to inform them that Tanzania’s Nando has been disqualified from the Big Brother House for the fight that he had with Elikem on Friday. The heated face-off with Elikem saw the two fellas exchanging fiery words between them. Nando is the one that instigated the fight. Instigation and provocation is a violation of the Big Brother rules. Continue to read the rest of the story

Chika Ike Is officially divorced

Two months after filing for divorce, a high court in Abuja on Friday July 26th granted it to actress Chika Ike. She's officially a single woman now.

Chika married Tony Eberiri in 2006 but the marriage packed up a few years later.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

25-Year-Old Indian Woman Kills Doctor Who Raped Her, Cuts Off His Penis And Sends It To His Wife

A woman has confessed to the brutal murder of Doctor Satish Chandra after surrendering at the Govind Nagar police station.

The doctor was found dead with his throat and genitals slit, at a government guesthouse on July 21 in Govindnagar, Kanpur.

The next day, a courier boy turned up with a parcel at Govindnagar police station.

SHOCKING VIDEO!!Detailed Eye Witness Account Of How Bird Transformed Into Elderly Woman In Lagos

On Friday{Jul 26], I published a bizerre story making rounds online. A bird was reported to have transformed into a woman somewhere in Okokomaiko, Lagos. If you missed the story, please click HERE.
After I posted the story, a reader of this blog confirmed the story, and even adding more details as to what exactly transpired on that fateful Thursday[Jul 25].
The eye witness recounts the bizarre ordeal as follows:
(sic)“ On that afternoon, three black birds flew towards a particular woman in a shop displaying her wares. However, of the three it was the one led that turned out to be the most viscous and tried to attack the woman, who spotted it on time. The woman on sighting the bird shouted: 'BLOOD OF JESUS', and immediately, the bird fell. At first it changed into a goat before it eventually transformed into the Old woman.
If not for the Blood Of Jesus that came out of that woman’s mouth, she would have died like one of the many victims of evil old witches that live among us” the eye witness concluded.
I also was able to get hold of the video from MDB, see it after the cut.

Mechanic Narrates Harrowing Experience In Ritualists Den

Eze Obasi is a motor mechanic from Aninri Local Government Area of Enugu State. He resides at Oraifite Street, but has his workshop on Aku Street, all at the Ogui New Layout of the Coal City.

That fateful Sunday in April, Eze had dressed up and was set to go for a child dedication with one of his friends but never had any inkling that he was heading for an encounter with the devil.

By the time he got to Aku Street, he could not find his friend. He then decided to cross over to Edinburgh Roundabout to recharge his phone and call him. He never made that call. Rather, he found himself on a journey into a thick bush at Akokwa, Ideato Local Government Area of Imo State, where he was to be offered to the gods as sacrifice.

Shocking Anorexic photos of Greece journalist/Model, Nana Karagianni

Nana Karagianni is one of the most famous journalist in all of Greece. The retired model presently works as a TV presenter. Nana Karagianni, who has been suffering from anorexia nervosa, seems to have spread great concern not only in the Greek media, but in other parts of Europe as well. Reporters and journalists of the newspaper Milliyet have made a special tribute with an extensive story on Nana and her eating disorder.

Read the article below: -“One of the most beautiful Greek journalists, Nana Karagianni shocks everyone with her terrible illness. In the past she used to work as a model and later on television. Until the moment she was hit by the models’ disease, anorexia. The beautiful and successful journalist has lost so much weight over time that she has now become unrecognizable.”
Nana is still married and her husband is supporting her through this period. More photos when you continue

PHOTO: Ndidi Obi,the 'Nneka the pretty serpent'Actress Dedicates Her Life To God

As you are reading this,the beautiful actress Ndidi Obi,who starred in the movie:-'Nneka the pretty serpent' (remember the film right?) got ordained penultimate Sunday in her church as a church official. Now as a new creature, she will be more committed to God’s work than mans.

Meanwhile, the actress has said that her new position in church will not stop her from acting; she still wants to keep her fan base and give her lovers in the movie world what they have always loved to see about her.
Good for her


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