Monday, 15 July 2013

Baby Born With Prayer Beads (Tasabih)around her neck In Niger state

There was anxiety on sunday July 14) following the delivery of a baby girl with a prayer beads (Tasabih), wound around her neck at the point of delivery in Bida Niger State.

The incident occurred about 2:00pm at Kotu-woro area of Bida, near the palatial home of Alhaji Muhammadu Bello Masaba, the celebrated man with 86 wives.

It was gathered that the baby was born to the family of Mallam Zubairu and Mrs. Khadijat Isa, both from Lama, Kwara State.

The couple who have lived in Bida for many years were said to be practicing Muslims.

It was learnt that Khadijat went into labour earlier in the day and was rushed to the home of a midwife, Shasha Abubakar Baiwa, where she was delivered of her baby girl.

The midwives attending to her were said to have been surprised when they saw the black rosary round the neck of the child, which immediately turned white as soon as she was delivered.

Consequently, the people started shouting Allahu akbar! (God is great) as, the news spread all over Bida and people started gathering to see the miraculous baby.

Nurse Abubakar who took the delivery, explained that when the baby was coming out, she was surprised to see the beads around the neck of the child and eventually, when she came out, the rosary turned white. "I was really shocked when I saw the beads,” the nurse said describing the happening as unusual in over a decade as a midwife. The delivery of the baby today, in this town and this area (Kutaworo) is a big surprise to us Muslims. This actually goes to show that Allah is in control of what happens to any one and in the whole world.”

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