Monday, 15 July 2013

Couple Arrested After Raping 21-Year-Old Woman 60 Times Over A Period Of 6 Weeks

Alfio Anthony

A couple was arrested and charged with rape related charges after they held a woman captive for six weeks during which they raped the woman at least sixty times, according to court proceedings in Australia, according to
Now, a court in Melbourne, Australia heard the allegations of a Dutch woman, 21, held captive by a couple for six weeks.

An Australian couple are accused of imprisoning the young tourist. During the prolonged illegal detention, prosecutors said that the alleged victim was tortured with instruments ranging from an iron curler to a vacuum cleaner, and raped more than 60 times.
The couple was identified as Alfio Anthony Granata, 46, and Jennifer Peaston, 32. Each of the defendants faces a total of 179 charges including 62 counts of rape, at least 85 counts of assault, making death threats, drug crimes and detaining a person against their will. The prosecution alleges that the woman was taken prisoner by the defendants in an apartment in the Melbourne suburb of Preston, late last year.
Prosecutors said that the couple found the woman at a party at the St. Kilda in Melbourne. Initially, the two defendants had engaged in consensual threesomes and recreational drugs. Later, the events took a violent turn after the woman was not allowed to leave the apartment.
Prosecutors said that the couple has recorded more than 450 hours of video documenting the six-week abuse of the alleged victim. The victim’s suffering only ended when the victim stabbed Granata, and then attempted suicide.

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