Tuesday, 16 July 2013

HORRIFIC!!!: 4 Indian Girls- Aged 12 To 14- Abducted From Care Home And Gang Raped By 20 Armed Men

A nationwide manhunt has been launched in India after four young girls were abducted from a care home in India and gang raped by up to 20 men.

Detectives said the group of armed kidnappers raided the hostel at Lawada village in Pakur district and snatched four young girls, all aged between 12 and 14.

Superintendent Y S Ramesh told reporters that the girls, who are from the Paharia tribe, are being treated at a nearby hospital.

He said the suspects have gone on the run and are being hunted by police across the country.

It is the latest of a string of appalling rape cases that have sent shockwaves through India in recent months, raised questions across the international community over the treatment of women in the country and led to a swift overhaul of sexual assault laws.

It comes days after a 20-year-old college student (pictured above) was gang-raped and set on fire in Etawah, in Uttar Pradesh.

In that case, shockingly, the police not only initially refused to register a case but also appeared to have abdicated their responsibility to maintain law and order.

The police brass expressed helplessness in curbing the rising incidents of rape in the state, which recorded 126 such assaults last week alone. In 20 of those cases, the victims were killed.

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