Monday, 1 July 2013

Mob forces adulterous wife to have sex with Boyfriend in public

This happened recently in Anambra State. A cheating wife was caught in the act by her husband, as she and her boyfriend were having sex.
The people in the community took laws into their hands by forcing the cheating partners to have sex in public while they watch. The husband who couldn't watch. walked away from the scene to throw away the properties of his cheating wife from his house. This jungle justice happened in a community near Anambra state university.
more photos after the cut


  1. Disgusting! what is this world turning to? Two wrongs cannot make a Right, people carried this too far. Am sure among the mob are serial adulteres and fornicators, Mschew!!! God will expose them toO

    1. you are so sure they didn't achieve anything meaningful by forcing them to do this in public.


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