Thursday, 25 July 2013

PICTURED:United Kingdom To Deport Rapist Son Of a Nigerian Politician To Nigeria


Convicted rapist, Ekene Anoliefo, 38, has lost an appeal to remain in the UK and will be deported back to Nigeria after the court threw out his claim that deportation would breach his human rights because he had a cousin in the UK.

Rejecting his appeal,Mr Justice Blake said the public interest in getting him out the UK outweighed his right to respect for his private life.

“It is obvious that, where a claimant has been convicted of rape and the conviction upheld on appeal, and certainly any rape with the aggravating features identified by the sentencing judge, even if there were private life to be weighed in the balance, no properly self-directing judge could have done other than to have dismissed the appeal on the basis that the public interest manifestly outweighed it,” Blake said.

Anoliefo, the son of a Nigerian politician – pretended to help a 19-year-old woman in Aberdeen before holding her captive in his car and then raping her on a bed at his flat, the BBC reports.

Subsequently, Anoliefo was jailed for 12 years in an attack the judge described as “particularly brutal and degrading”, it was later reduced to nine in 2009.

According to reports, he was ordered for deportation last December.

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