Wednesday, 14 August 2013

100,000 people And More, Apply For One -Way Trip To Planet Mars in 2022

More than 100,000 people have applied to be a part of the Mars One project, which aims to colonize the red planet starting in 2022.
Out of the thousands, 40 people will be selected. Of the 40, just four (two men, two women)will participate in the first passage to Mars, which is scheduled to leave in September 2022 and land seven months later in April 2023 and they will NEVER return to earth.

The project is headed by a Dutch company, whose creator and chief executive, Bas Lansdorp, said that they were flooded with applications from people hoping to be the first to start a colony on the Red Planet.

And, it's all going to be filmed for a reality TV show to be shown on earth.It 'll definitely be nice and entertaining to watch but i can't think of any reason why someone will want to leave this beautiful planet to Mars forever?And no, the kind of people applying aren't insane people.they are perfectly and mentally okay...and well read.
What will be their food there(pardon me abeg,i like my food,lol)?well good luck to them.

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