Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Couple Arrested At Gunpoint And Locked In Cell After Their TV Remote Control Was Mistaken For A Gun.

Michelle Malone, 46, and Keith Abrahams, 44, were bundled into a police van in the middle of the night and locked in a cell, before being questioned for four hours.

They were eventually released without charge after a paramedic, who had attended the address to help Michelle who suffered a panic attack, thought the remote was a firearm and called police.

According to Daily Mail UK, the pair said they were surrounded by 10 armed officers wearing body armour, eight uniformed police as well as a dog handler at 1am in their Hereford flat the next morning.

They were then frog-marched from their home and taken to a nearby police station while officers then conducted a forensic fingertip search of the property but found no trace of a gun.

Detectives confirmed during the pair’s interview the paramedic believed he had spotted Keith holding a firearm in the bedroom - but he was only holding a remote as he watched television.

She said: 'The police told us the medic had seen a 10 inch long black firearm being held by Keith as he lay in bed. But he had dozed off watching TV in his bedroom - it must have been the remote. There is no other explanation. The room was dark but I can’t see how you would mistake it for a weapon. I suffered the indignity of being treated like this all for the sake of a television remote control. I’m an upstanding citizen and normal people should not be treated like this. I can only believe to imagine what my neighbours thought. I just remember running out of bed after hearing a bang like and earthquake and seeing police pointing guns at Keith, who was up against the wall.We were held at the station for four hours but released without charge, but I couldn’t believe it when I heard they were searching for a gun. I’ve never had a gun in my life - I’ve never even seen one before. It was just horrendous.I got back to the house and it was completely wrecked from the search and I just broke down. We received no apology and I just feel violated by their intrusive actions.'

Michelle, a former prison custody officer, is now taking legal action against West Mercia Police and has complained to the IPCC after she suffered concussion, which she claims was a result of police’s heavy-handed tactics.

She added: 'The way I was treated in my own home was very traumatic. I already suffer from anxiety and then to suffer the indignity of being arrested for absolutely nothing has just alleviated this.

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