Sunday, 11 August 2013

Did you know? ..... High Heels Were Originally Designed For MEN?

High Heels which is common among women and famous for creating the whoops walk. Heels were designed in the 1500's for male soldiers to help keep their feet in the holsters on horses.
The use of heels soon after its invention became the normal standard fashion for men in the 1500's. This trend for men continued until the French revolution then continued to bounce back in and out into modern times.
Even though the world would like to believe heels were designed and used for women, the theory simply isn't true. Heels are common among men in todays era in mainly the western world, including Europe and North America. Their also exists a male high heeled dance shoe called Cuban heel or Latin heeled shoe.
Many problems can although result from wearing high heeled shoes.

Some of these common issues are of the following:

- foot pain

- cause deformities such as hammertoe and bunions

- inability to run

- tendon problems

Good thing Majority of men don't wear heels...coz it 'll definitely look odd innit?

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