Sunday, 18 August 2013

Health Corner:Health Benefits Of Eating Watermelon

So i was eating watermelon the other day and someone said to me'are you having "it" tonight'?lol.i asked what the correlation with "it" and water melon,and i was told that it is a natural viagra(A synthetic compound used to enhance male potency).but unfortunately i am famale so ain't nobody gat time for that,lol.I decided to go further and find out what the health benefits of the sweet friut are and here are my findings:

  • Thirst Quencher:.Watermelons have too much water content and one of their many watermelon benefits is that they provide with ample water and minerals to the eater.The fruit has huge storage of antioxidants and helps restore the minerals and salts of our body
  • It improves memory, fights colon cancer and also it is given to the sick to help recover from illness.
  • The seeds can be grinded and a substitute for milk is created which is strong in vitamins and proteins and carbs.
  • Sexual activity :Natural Viagra by this name describes the researchers watermelon red, because it is a rich source of amino acid citrulline, which works to farther expand the blood vessels, thus allowing the passage of more blood vessels to the penis leading to erection.
  • Weight Reduction:watermelon helps in reducing weight as 100 g each gives 30 calories .
  • High blood pressure:Potassium and manganese are working on blood pressure regulation, as well as antioxidants work to maintain the health of blood vessels against sclerosis, which helps to ease the movement of the passage of blood vessels, thus reducing the high blood pressure.
  • Eating watermelon in moderation helps to regulate blood sugar level to lower sugars, potassium and magnesium are working is working to help the body to insulin secretion.
  • Watermelon good for eye health because it contains a good amount of vitamin.
  • It also cures diabetes, cancer and gives nourishment to the body.
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  1. Watermelon is very very good for pregnant women, start taking it frm day1 of pregnancy or anytime and see how your new borns skin will look! Its the halleluyah diet I tell you.

  2. Really? Never knew that.Thanks Debs.


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