Wednesday, 7 August 2013

"I Am Ripe For Marriage" - Beverly Osu says

This evening [Aug 06]Beverly revealed to her fellow Housemates that she plans on getting hitched next year, saying: “I am ripe for marriage”. “But you are too young,” Cleo tried to advise the 21 year old. But that piece of advice seemed to go in the one ear and out the other for the Nigerian. “I am tired of having boyfriend,” she responded.

The fact that the sexy model is not currently engaged and has only recently taken up a relationship with, South African Housemate, Angelo is not going to deter her one bit from her mission either. When asked by her fellow Housemates what she would do if the South African does not want to tie the know next year, she
replied: “There are lots of other fish in the sea”.
hmmm..this lady is on a mission. Oya everybody hide your husbands ,boyfriends and brothers o...even your father's sef, because she  seems desperate.

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