Saturday, 3 August 2013

Man's Best Friend? 39 Year Old Man Wakes Up To Dog Eating His Testicles

A paralyzed man is recovering in hospital after his dog ate one of his testicles.
The 39-year-old, from Trumann, Arkansas, woke up on Monday morning after feeling a burning pain in his mid section.
He has no felling from the waist down.
He told police he sleeps in the nude and woke up to see the 'small, white, fluffy' dog between his legs.
It had blood on its muzzle and front feet. when he looked further, he 'noticed the dog had eaten one of his testicles.

The victim said the dog was a stray he had taken in about three weeks earlier, Kait8 reported. He was unsure if the dog had been vaccinated.
Police took the dog to a local veterinarian where it was euthanized.
Its head was sent to the Arkansas Department of Health to be tested for rabies.

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