Friday, 9 August 2013

Men Lost But Found After 40 Years Of Living In The Jungle (PHOTOS)

Found: Ho Van Lang, 41, has been living in the jungle of Vietnam since he was two years old
A father and son ,aged 82 and 41 years old respectively have been found living in the jungle of Vietnam four decades after they went missing during the country's war with the U.S.
Ho Van Thanh and his son Ho Van Lang apparently fled their home village 40 years ago after a bomb killed three members of their family.

The father and son survived by foraging fruit and cassava from the forest and planting corn.The father could speak a little of the minority Cor language, but the son knew only a few words.
They wore loincloths made out of tree bark, and lived in a timber hut raised five metres above the ground and were discovered by locals looking for firewood in deep forest in the Tay Tra district of Quang Ngai province.see more photos

Possessions: Bystanders inspect the clothes made from bark which the two men wore in the forest

Check-up: A doctor monitors Thanh, who has seen no one except his son for the past four decades


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