Wednesday, 7 August 2013

UK Mother Hacked To Death In Bangladesh By Alleged Jealous Relatives Who Envied Her Wealth

A British mother hacked to death in Bangladesh was allegedly murdered by jealous relatives who envied her wealth.

Rehana Begum, 43, (pictured) was on holiday when she was attacked by a gang of four men who targeted her for her jewellery and money, her family said.

Mrs Begum had been on holiday in the country with her husband and 12-year-old son since July 17 when the unprovoked attack occurred.

Her terrified relatives spotted the group approaching the mother-of-one with machetes, the Evening Standard reported.

Mrs Begum's cousin Sheela Ali, 33, from Hackney, said: 'Rufia shouted at them, "What are you doing?" One of them attacked her and stabbed her in the head and the arms.'

Mrs Begum is believed to have told her sister to flee the group.

The alleged attackers also targeted Mrs Begum's nieces and nephew who tried to defend her and then fled the grisly scene.

One 15-year-old niece allegedly had her right hand sliced off by the gang.

Mrs Ali said she believed Mrs Begum's perceived wealth had been the catalyst behind the gruesome attack.

She told the Evening Standard: 'These people have always had this jealousy of this lady who is earning more money than them.'

The British national, from Stepney, east London, died in Sunamganj, Bangladesh, on Friday afternoon, the Foreign Office confirmed.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: 'We are aware of the death of a British national Rehana Begum in Sunamgonj, Bangladesh, on 2 August.

'We are providing consular assistance to her family at this difficult time.'

According to the Foreign Office's website, 'armed robbery, pick pocketing, and purse snatching can occur'.

It warns against carrying large amounts of money with you or wearing jewellery in the street.

It adds: 'Thieves often work in pairs on motorcycles or motorised rickshaws known as ‘CNGs’.

'Passengers using rickshaws, or travelling alone in taxis are particularly vulnerable, especially at night.

'Try to avoid using public transport if you are on your own. Cycle rickshaws are not safe.'

Up to 75,000 British nationals visit Bangladesh every year, and the Foreign Office notes that 'most visits are trouble free'.

However, visitors to Bangladesh are warned of a 'general threat from terrorism'.

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