Friday, 9 August 2013

Video: 12 Year Old Boy Samuel Burnt To Death By Mob In Lagos

The discovery of a harrowing video of a twelve year old boy called Samuel being lynched has led to a group of Nigerians launching a new online campaign aimed at all Nigerians called "Don't Walk Away". A campaign against "Mob Justice".

He was accused of trying to kidnap a young school boy with =N=50 Naira note. he was beaten with clubs and then burnt to death.The most puzzling thing about this is that when one member of the mob was asked where the kidnapped child was,he couldn't say anything. Why are Nigerians quick to kill? Poverty has caused a lot in this system. Why not just hand over the boy to the police rather than set him ablaze.Ther's no love in the heart's of people anymore.
see the heart wrenching video of how they burnt the poor boy after the cut:


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  1. uhhhhh, don't even know what words to use
    prayers from poland :(


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