Thursday, 5 September 2013

72-Year-Old Woman Found Breathing In Mortuary After Being Pronounced Dead With "No Signs Of Life"

A grandmother involved in a fatal crash in Germany and taken to the morgue was seen still breathing hours after and is now in intensive care, Daily Mail reports.

An observant morgue worker noticed the 72-year-old woman was breathing and she was immediately transferred to hospital.

The woman had hours earlier been dragged from the wreckage of a five-seater Audi A4 estate which had crashed near Itzehoe, Schleswig-Holstein on Monday, killing her daughter and one of her grandsons.

Medics are baffled as to how the woman survived, saying she suffered severe head injuries and showed no signs of life.

Quoted in The Local, Arno Deister, a spokesman for Itzehoe Hospital, said paramedics thought she had died and took her to the morgue.

'What exactly happened next, no one knows,' he said.

When she arrived at hospital, doctors operated on her for four hours, before she was transferred to intensive care. She remains in a coma, the Local said.

The tragic incident happened on Germany's A23 on Monday. The woman's 18-year-old grandson was driving the Audi, pictured, which carried seven members of the same family from the coastal town of Husum.

He was one of four grandsons of the 72-year-old woman travelling in the vehicle. His youngest brother, aged six, died in the crash, as did they boys' mother.

The other family members survived with serious injuries, the news service said.

The driver of the other vehicle survived. The Local reports that the two cars collided head on.

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