Thursday, 12 September 2013

Arik Stowaway Boy Goes To Boarding School,After Pleading To Let Him Go

Sixteen days after his arrest and detention, Ricky Daniel Oikhena, the stowaway teenager who hid in the wheel compartment of an Arik Air flight from Benin to Lagos is tired of staying in custody.
Daniel told his unsolicited hosts, the State Security Service (SSS), when he was asked yesterday that he wants to go home and continue his education.

The boy who answered questions in mono syllabics in the lonely facility told newsmen that he was happy with the award of scholarship granted to him by the Edo State Government.

Daniel also said he did not know that he took a risk when he hid in an airplane’s wheel compartment saying, “I will not do it again.”

“I regret it,” he said with a solemn and helpless expression, adding, “I want to go home. I am tired. I will be happy to train as an Engineer.”

Daniel who also said he was terrified when he was arrested on arrival in Lagos from Benin said he was not mistreated but had been given good food where he was kept.
According to him, “Even on the return trip to Benin and at this present place, I am treated well with good food, but since school has resumed, I want to go home.”

According to Governor Adams Oshiomhole
“Without meaning to encourage anyone else, we decided to support him by sending him to one of the top secondary schools in Edo State that is owned by the Government. The reason for opting for a boarding school is that we think that there need to closely watch him which his parents could not do.He is an intelligent young man with uncommon challenges, but one that has a vision. We had him examined by people who should know and the result confirmed that he is normal”, Oshiomhole noted.
“This incident was probably the kind of trigger that we needed to improve the facilities at our Airports. You are never going to have all the money you need to do all you have to do. You should start from somewhere"

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