Tuesday, 3 September 2013

BIRTH DEFECT:Baby Born With Ears Under His Jaws[PHOTOS]

I came across this online and was astonished by the bizarre picture ,so i decided to share with you all. The image above, taken from the popular photo site Imgur shows a newborn with some cranial defects such as deformed mouth and jaw, but the major highlight is the location of the ears.

The position of the ears in this case is a bit reminiscent of where gills are located in an aquatic animal let's say a fish. Apparently, they fail to migrate to the side of the head after they were formed. In the pregnancy first trimester, the ears cartilage formed along the jaw line. Sometime during the second quarter, the ears typically migrate to their proper place on the side of the head. This is the normal process that seems to have failed during the second quarter, which led to the low placement of the ears and also deformed the jaw-line. The Mayo Clinic states that by 18 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus should be able to hear and ears are fully formed, but likewise is the case of this baby...
In the case of the child in this picture, it is not known if the child was born prematurely or if it survived post-birth. It has not be ascertained as to when and where this child were born are, as not much information appears to be public aside from this picture

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