Thursday, 19 September 2013

Brazilian businessman buries his Bentley so he can use it in the AFTERLIFE.

He has all the riches he could ever dream for in this life. But to avoid any risk of missing out in the afterlife, wealthy entrepreneur 'Count Scarpa' is burying his greatest treasure - his new £310,000 Bentley convertible.
In a bizarre announcement on his Facebook page the 62-year-old declared that he plans to do as the Pharaohs of Egypt did and take his riches with him when he dies by burying them.
So tomorrow, he will entomb his brand new Bentley Continental worth over £310,000 to make sure he has a comfortable journey into the ‘other side’. The funeral ceremony, he promises, will be at 11am.

The self-made businessman, who has a degree in economics and is a black belt instructor and owner of the Institute Maruyama Aikido, a Japanese martial arts academy, explains that his decision to start storing up his treasures for the life beyond came after watching a programme on Ancient Egypt on Sunday.
'I was watching a documentary about the pharaohs of Egypt, very interesting. They buried his entire fortune to have a comfortable life "the other side"!' he says.

In a TV interview he explains to viewers that he was travelling back from his farm after celebrating his birthday on Sunday and started thinking about how the pharaohs were buried with the most precious items in their life.
“I watched the film of the pharaohs and after seeing how they were buried with their treasures I decided that I wanted to copy them and bury my most precious item, which is my car,” he says.
In between his explanation, viewers tweet their comments. One says wryly: 'Chiquinho, is it true you want to bury your imported car because you don’t want to pay your taxes?'
'No,' he answers straight-faced. 'I’ve already shown all my documents to the authorities before doing the funeral.'
Another asks if he wants to adopt a family from Brasilia. He says he’s currently single and doesn’t want a family.  A lot of the comments are however, very critical and accuse him of wasting money. Instead of burying his car he should donate the proceeds to help Brazilian people.  ‘Maria Lucia’ sends a message begging Scarpa to send the car to her as she needs the cash.

'I was in a coma for 63 days; the doctor told me he had 'opened' me eight times. I came close to death twice. The priest gave me two anointings. This was all because of bacteria. I took it and got away with it. Unfortunately this was not the case with my mother. She had an operation on her femur, got the bacterium and died in February 2012. I am strong,' he adds.

With no children to carry on the family name Scarpa says his cockatoo, which is perched on his arm in the facebook picture showing him standing beside his Bentley, is his offspring.
'This here is my "daughter",' he said in the interview with Caras.  'She is called Filomena Leopoldina Sofia Scarpa. She is six-months-old and is endangered,' he said.

Well thank your stars the car's not buried in 9ja......because if it where the case,we all know what will happen to the car soon after you'v finished,dont we?lol.

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