Tuesday, 3 September 2013

British woman wakes up with a Chinese accent after a severe migrane

On March 7, 2010, 38-year- old Sarah Colwill woke up to discover that her customary Plymouth(British)pronunciation had gone - replaced with a Chinese accent. According to her in a BBC documentary titled"The Woman Who Woke Up Chinese,which will be shown on BBC 1 Tuesday,at 10.35(tonight)

After suffering a severe migraine,she was rushed to hospital only for doctors to be left baffled after she developed a strong Chinese accent.
'It's just been such a horrible thing to go through,' she sobs in the opening scenes of the documentary.
'People automatically assume I'm foreign, for a start, then they like to try and work out where I might be from.'

There is a term for her condition..its called Foreign Accent Syndrome, a condition so rare there were just 61 confirmed cases between 1941 and 2012.

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