Tuesday, 24 September 2013

INCREDIBEARD! Meet Bearded Man Who Can Shape His Beard Into Different Shapes And Sizes

Facial hair enthusiast Webb, 29, of San Francisco, is 'a simple man with an extraordinary mission', hoping to creatively transform his impressive facial fuzz into into bizarre works of art.
Each week, on his instagram page,fans write in with crazy suggestions on how to style his beard.
This has resulted in some crazy styles including constructing a bowl for his ramen - dubbed
the Big Bowl O'Beard Ramen (one of his personal favourites) - and crafting five beer cup holders beneath his chin.
He said began growing his beard out 18 months ago.with the go -ahead from his wife who encouraged him to grow his beards and is even his beards stylist. 
I think this dude is very creative ,but the third pictur ,i find disgusting.
Ladies would you let your fella get out of the house looking like this?...more impressive photos when you continue....

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