Wednesday, 18 September 2013

PHOTOS: 49 Year Old Grandmother With 3ft Fingernails Bags Guinness World Record ..

As far as world records go, Chris Walton has this one nailed. She is the owner
of the longest fingernails on a pair of female hands, her claws measuring a staggering
19ft 9in combined.

The longest individual nail, on her left thumb, is 3FT long.

Understandably Chris, 49, has had to adapt to lead a normal life
with such amazing talons.

Don't bite your nails ... Chris holding a fork at dinner time

She said:

I can still tie my shoes, zip up my pants, drive and go to the store. I live a normal life.
I had to give up the
idea of being a pickpocket because I’d have to make somebody stand still for a long time.
But I just adjust.

For washing clothes I buy long barbecue tongs and pull the clothes out that way. With
the same kind
of tongs I can reach into the kitchen cabinets and pull down cans or boxes.

Things at my height I can grab normally. I’m just not going to immediately turn and snatch
out of your hand. If there’s a dress I really like, I’ll alter the sleeves with a zipper or poppers.

But I don’t scratch my back because I don’t want to leave anything back there. I do it like
everyone else —
I find other things. Usually I get up against the wall and scratch.

A lot of people think my nails will be dirty. They’re porcelain-clean. You only get dirt when
your nails are
short. Your nail beds grow out, so you don’t get anything under there.

Chris is visiting Britain for the first time this week, to mark the launch of the 2014 edition of Guinness
World Records.

She recently told The Sun she is fast getting used to being the centre of attention — even on a
transatlantic flight. “The long-haul flight was great,” she said.
Passengers and air stewardesses were queueing up to get pictures with me. Clearly
they were
all waiting to see if I ate with my feet — but no such luck! I ate with a fork. I think they
were expecting me to lay my face in it. But I’m used to that attention.

I can’t go to the strip in Vegas as it gets too crazy and I get trapped in a corner as people
up for photographs. I get a lot of people from other countries coming up to me.

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