Friday, 13 September 2013

PHOTOS: Teenager Reveals Facial Injuries She Suffered After A Bottle OfChampagne Was Smashed On Her Head By Man Whose Advances She Refused

A teenager who was smashed 
over the head with a bottle of 
champagne after she spurned the
 advances of a thug in a nightclub
 has revealed the facial injuries 
she suffered in the attack.

Monique Henville, 19, was
 approached by the man
 while she was drinking with
 her friends in a nightclub.

He poured champagne over her head 
after she refused to speak to him
 and then lost his temper when she continued to ignore him.
He then smashed the bottle of champagne he was drinking across her face.

Monique was left needing five hours of reconstructive surgery after the force of the blow 
shattered her teeth and jaw.

She said:

There was a big chunk out of
 one side of my jaw and the
 other side was shattered. I had two 
operations and they had to
 put aplate in and bolts and a
 wire for my teeth.

I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t 
eat for six weeks and I am not
 being funny but I love my food.

I was lucky there are no
 permanent scars. I just want 
the police to catch him before he 
does it again.It was so scary.I don’t
 go out anymore because of what
 happened. It is too scary.

Police have now released an image of a man they would like to speak to 
in connection with the assault at 1.45am on Saturday, July 20, in the Ballare club in Cambridge.

PC Fergus Cowley said:

This was an unprovoked attack that left the victim needing surgery to her face. I would urge 
anyone with information to come forward.

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