Tuesday, 17 September 2013

SHOCKING-14,300 Lagos drivers are partially blind

According to the Lagos State Drivers’ Institute LASDRI, which has trained about 65,000 drivers since August 2009, about 22 per cent of the trained drivers or 14,300 were discovered to be partially blind.
According to LASDRI boss, before the commencement of operation, various researches were carried out where it showed that 75 percent of auto crashes were due to human errors.
Statistics of trained drivers as well as detected defects by LASDRI Optometrist
Figures below:

•From January to July, 2013, 12,017 drivers were trained and recertified.

•From August 25, 2009 to July, 2013, a total number of 65,000 drivers trained.

•Out of the 65,000 of drivers tested, 22 percent (approximately, 14,300 drivers) were found to be suffering from eye defects, such as myopia and were later referred to ophthalmologists for corrective measure.
•And 99.2 per cent of drivers with eye defects were males, while 1.8 percent were females.
•1.8 per cent of the detected defects were myopic (short sighted) while 12.9 percent were pre-myopic
•3.3 percent long sighted


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