Saturday, 7 September 2013

Tokyo To Host 2020 Olympic Games

Tokyo has been chosen by the International Olympic Committee to host the 2020 Summer Games.  The Japanese prime minister flew in to personally reassure voters that radioactive leaks from the Fukushima power plant would not create a health risk as it did in 2011.
In voting Saturday[Sept 07] in Buenos Aires, the committee picked Tokyo over the two other contenders, Madrid and Istanbul.

Tokyo's bid came in at $5 billion to $6 billion, compared to $19 billion pledged by Istanbul, which covers the business and politics of the Olympic movement.
But Tokyo's government has already amassed a $4.9 billion Olympic fund to pay to prepare for the Games And a $1 billion national stadium that will be used for the athletic events and the Opening Ceremonies will already have been built for the rugby World Cup in 2017 and is not considered an Olympic expense.

Tokyo previously hosted the Summer Games in 1964.

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