Friday, 4 October 2013

Acid Attack Victim Naomi Oni Weeps With Joy As She Has Her Eyebrows Restored

A Nigerian acid attack victim who was horrifically scarred in a random attack a while back in the UK wept with joy after having cosmetic surgery to restore her eyebrows.Naomi Oni, 21, had acid hurled over her face, head and body as she made her way home to Dagenham after her shift at Westfield's Victoria's Secret store last December. The acid burned off the skin on her face and scalp and left her temporarily blinded.

She lost her eyelids, eyebrows and some of her hair in the assault.Since then, surgeons have painstakingly rebuilt her features including taking skin from the back of her ear to make new eyelids for her. But her eyebrows remained permanently damaged.
Losing her eyebrows was yet another blow to her confidence, which had already suffered so much.
Now, ten months after the attack, her skin has healed enough for her to have her eyebrows restored.Naomi, whose attacker is facing trial at the end of this year, had a sophisticated semi-permanent make-up treatment that tattoos on the eyebrows as individual hairs, mimicking the effect of real brows.

Naomi before the acid attack

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