Friday, 4 October 2013

At Least 92 African Immigrants Drown After Boat Headed To Italy Capsizes With 500 Passengers On Board!!!

Via NY Daily News reports:

At least 92 people died and scores were missing after a boat packed with up to 500 African
migrants sank off the southern Italian island of Lampedusa on Thursday [Oct. 3],
the coast guard said.

Bodies fished from the water were laid out along the quayside as the death toll rose in what
 looked like one of the worst disasters to hit the perilous route for migrants seeking to reach
 Europe from Africa.

“It’s horrific, like a cemetery, they are still bringing them out”, Lampedusa Mayor Giusi
 Nicolini told reporters.

The Associated Press has the current death toll at 94. Italian coast guard officials said 150
 survivors had been rescued so far of the between 400 and 500 migrants thought to be on the
 20-metre (66 ft) boat that caught fire and sank about 1 km (half a mile) off the island.

The U.N. refugee agency UNHCR said it believed there were around 500 passengers,
all Eritreans who had boarded in Libya.

Almost 500 people were reported dead or missing making the crossing from Tunisia to
 Italy last year, the UNHCR says. Numbers have been boosted by thousands of refugees
 from the civil war in Syria.

Migrants frequently land on Lampedusa, just 113 km (70 miles) from the coast of Tunisia,
often picked up at sea by the Italian coast guard in dangerously overcrowded boats.

A fishing boat raised the alarm at around 7:20 a.m. (1:20 a.m. ET) and began pulling people
 out of the water before coast guard vessels arrived on the scene.

Transport Minister Maurizio Lupi said more needed to be done to combat people traffickers
 who coordinate the transport of migrants in crowded and unsafe vessels.

“It is a task which we have to take on and which the international community and the
European community have to take on as well,” he said.
Poor souls,may they RIP!


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