Saturday, 5 October 2013

Girl Sues Barbershop After Realizing Her hair cut didn’t Make Her Look Like Amber Rose (See Photo)

“Her bald head is so misleading” Says Nicole who is upset after listening to her barber who thought 

getting a bald head would make her look just like professional model Amber Rose.

“she’s no friend, …a friend wouldn’t do this” says Nicole “Everybody knows Amber Rose wouldn’t 

be that pretty without her bald head” said her barber who egged her on in her attempt to look more 
like Amber.

“I was thinking maybe I could snag me a Wiz Khalifa you know? Not the looks, but the money. I’m 

no Gold digger I just know what I deserve like Amber. But look at me now?!? I really should’ve thought
 this thing through”

Until her hair grows back Nicole has been wearing a lace front wig which her barber warned her not 

to do, because they’re known to cause forehead cancer in African American women.
Huh? Guys, abeg  does she come close to looking Amber Rose ?

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