Thursday, 17 October 2013

PHOTOS: Nigerian Man Deported After Getting Caught In UK Sham Wedding

Arrest: Nigerian man is led away at the wedding
This is the moment officers burst in on the sham marriage of a couple as they were about to exchange vows.

The bride and groom were led away in handcuffs after being interviewed by immigration officials in front of surprised guests.

Arrest: The 32-year-old man was held by police
They lay in wait to call an abrupt halt to proceedings as the 32-year-old man from Nigeria and his 22-year-old bride from Portugal arrived for their ceremony in Harrow, north London.

The man has since been sent home to Nigeria, while the woman has been bailed until 7 November.

Wedding sham: The man is quizzed by police
Shocked guests looked on as the would-be bride and groom were both led away in handcuffs at a registry office in Harrow, north London.

‘We believe in a fair borough and it is simply disgraceful to lie in our registry office in order to cheat the system’, commented Harrow Council leader Susan Hall.

Details of the arrests, which took place last month, come amid claims one in five civil ceremonies in urban areas is a sham.

Woman bailed: The man was sent home to Nigeria
‘Most registration officers are not immigration officers, they came into this business to facilitate marriage. So therefore they don’t want to be cynical,’ Mark Rimmer of the Local Registration Services Association told Sky News.

Arrest: A woman is put into a police van
‘Unfortunately therefore what happens is the ones that are absolutely blatant get reported and there are some that are borderline that slip through without being reported – and that is the iceberg under the water and that’s huge – it is absolutely huge.’

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