Wednesday, 2 October 2013

PICS & VIDEO: 'Pregnant' Two-Year-Old Boy Gives 'Birth' After He Has Parasitic Twin Removed From Inside His Stomach

The two-year-old boy had his parasitic twin removed from his stomach in a rare case of cryptodidymus or conjoined twins
So this will undoubtedly be the craziest thing you read all week, maybe even all month. A “pregnant” two-year-old boy “gave birth” in China.
Xiao Feng, from Huaxi, China, was brought to an area hospital after his stomach had become so distended that he began to suffer breathing issues. Doctors took x-rays and MRI scans and discovered that Feng was carrying the undeveloped fetus of his own twin inside his stomach. So, they rushed him to surgery.

The two-year-old underwent the surgery recently in Huaxi after he developed breathing difficulties
The parasitic twin would have developed into a boy, but it had already grown so large that almost two thirds of his affected twin’s stomach was taken up, measuring 20 cm in width with a fully formed spine and limbs, including fingers and toes.

Identical twins form when an egg splits in half after fertilization. But conjoined twins or foetus-in-foetu siblings occur when the egg fails to fully separate.

Xiao Feng survived the surgery, and the fetus was removed.

The feet of the boys's twin can be seen sticking out from the body of the Chinese boy
After Surgery: The young child is carried by his mother following the complicated surgery to remove the twin from his stomach

SOURCE: DailyMail

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