Wednesday, 6 November 2013

"Hold My Husband Responsible If I Die!" - Wife Of Enugu State Governor Tells NHRC

Wife of Enugu State Governor, Mr. Sullivan Chime, has called on the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to deliver her from her husband. In a petition to the commission, Mrs. Clara Chime accused the governor of an abusive relationship that has led to her suffering from depression, adding that the governor has locked her up in a room and denied her access to her four-year-old son and visitors. The petition of the governor’s wife reads:

 “I have been married to Governor Sullivan Chime for five years. It has been a somewhat tempestuous relationship, which has virtually irretrievably broken down in the past couple of years. “We do not have a relationship anymore and the situation inevitably led to my nervous breakdown. I have been diagnosed with severe depression and at some point was quite suicidal. “The strategy of my estranged husband is to subject me to the most horrific and intolerable of conditions to cause my demise but my strength and will to live has kept me alive. It is very difficult to outline everything happening to me here but I shall enumerate the major issues below: • Not had s*xual relationship with my husband for four years • Deprived of all my responsibilities as a wife • Prevented from bonding with my four-year-old son • Barred me from receiving visitors, whether family or friends • In the last three weeks, a lady friend who visited me was stopped from seeing me and the result is now complete incarceration from the outside world • In effect, I am locked up in my bedroom, without access to anybody. “I am only allowed food but no access to fresh air; I have been locked up because I demanded to leave, even without my son. Governor Chime recently revoked my land allocation; the governor is doing everything possible to break my will. “All I want and demand is to be allowed to leave. If I have committed any crime, I request that due process should be followed. I was also recently attacked by my husband before the visitor mentioned above who is a living witness and will be prepared to testify. “I am falsely being imprisoned and the state House of Assembly should be made (to be) aware of this. “My husband pays a doctor to inject me with all sorts of drugs. I have the capacity to decide whether or not I need the treatment. On occasions where I had refused the medication because of the intolerable side effects, I was restrained and given it against my will. All my rights are being violated. “I would also wish the Nigerian Medical Council be informed of the activity of this doctor who is only interested in my husband’s wishes and does not care about my suffering. Medical confidentiality is not part of this doctor’s tool. “I have tried to leave and was pushed back by the security agents and it is clear I am unable to do so except through other intermediaries. “My passionate plea is to be allowed to leave peacefully as I no more wish to exist under this prevailing state. In the event that I die, please note that this must have been brought about by my husband. I wish to make it categorically clear that I have no intention of taking my own life. I have completely lost trust in my estranged husband. “The possibility of the doctor injecting me with a lethal substance must never be underestimated. I have a friend who is a good friend of the family and would collaborate a lot in the event of any mishap to me and wish not to mention the name but he would contact you ultimately. “I am begging you to help facilitate my release and bring my suffering and ordeal to an end.”

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