Friday, 29 November 2013

Man Horrified After Woman Tells Him "Welcome To The Wonderful World Of HIV!" After They Had Sex

A man’s life was turned upside down by a vicious woman after a one night stand.
The 36-year-old man of Soweto, South Africa, was horrified after the woman deliberately infected him with HIV.
After a drunken night in a bar, the man took the woman to his house where they had sex.
The man said that he used a condom for the one night stand before the two fell asleep in his bed.

Later, he woke up to find the woman on top of him. The man did not resist, and they had sex again.

This time however, the sleepy man did not get out of bed to get a condom.

When they were done having sex the evil woman said: "Welcome to the world of HIV."

She then informed him that she was HIV positive and that she did not want to die alone.

"I had been a blood donor for years, but after the encounter with the woman when I went to donate blood I was rejected,” the victim said.

"I went to be tested for HIV and my worst nightmare was confirmed," he added.

He was indeed HIV positive.

The angry man went to police in order to file charges against the woman.

However, Officer Solomon Sibiya said it would be difficult to open a case as there is little evidence against the woman.

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