Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Now, an Underwear That Makes You Fart With Confidence

Now, an Underwear That Makes You Fart With Confidence

There has been tremendous growth in wearable technologies of late with the common ones being smart watches and glasses (Google glass).

Now, an inventor from Britain has come up with an interesting wearable technology that represses the puff that is emitted from your derrière. In simpler terms, prevents your farts from polluting your immediate environment.

The Shreddies are undergarments that filter out the bad smell that result from farts. The inventor achieved this by placing a layer of Zorfl ex (a carbon cloth) between layers of ordinary fabric, which is behind eliminating the flatulence odours.

During the laboratory tests, the Zorfl ex fabric was discovered to effectively remove sulphide and ethyl mercaptan so that it can neutralise odours 200 times up to the strength of the average fart.

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