Friday, 22 August 2014

Medical Proffession In Awe, As British Born Amara Chiedozie Learns To Feed Herself At 3 Days Old

3 weeks old baby Amara, holding her bottle by herself

 When 20 year old Onyi Chiedozie gave birth to her daughter Amara on the 3rd of August 2014,at the Queen’s Hospital, Romford, Essex, weighing 6lb 3oz,she did not expect her baby to be able to feed herself just 3 days old!
Daily Mail,reports that the child took matters into her own hands when she “grabbed” her bottle during a feed and held it to her mouth unaided.Baby Amara who is now three weeks old, regularly holds her bottle and pushes it aside when she is full. 

Miss Chiedozie said her progress had astounded medical professionals. The student added: ‘Even nurses are really surprised. When my health support nurse came, she was shocked as well. She couldn’t believe that this could happen.
“She was crying as she was hungry and when we were feeding, she started shaking, then she just grabbed the bottle and she was holding it by herself.We couldn’t believe it because babies don’t normally do it that young. I’m so shocked that I have been documenting it every day.It’s unbelievable, even nurses are really surprised.Whenever we go to appointments, we take pictures of her doing it.” Onyi says.
“‘I just think she has a lot of strength, I’m not sure why though as she wasn't particularly heavy when she was born. When she doesn't want it she will push it away. She isn't strong enough to throw it away, but she does push it away, like she does with her dummy. If she is really hungry, she starts shaking, then she will just grab the bottle as you give it to her.” she shares.

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