Monday, 27 June 2016


 Hi lovelies!  I am happy to announce my return and the timely update of this blog. I apologise for not giving any warning before  going for this long break, I got admission to further my studies  and it wasn't for the faint hearted , in the sense that I thought I could juggle blogging and school ...but turned out I couldnt.

While I was gone a lot of things happened,undeniably... some very good, some very bad  I have truly learnt from the bad ones and find out that talking about one's problems certainly helps in reducing the pain one feels, if you get what I mean? :)

As we go along with future blog posts, I may share in details all the trials and tribulations I have seen all the while I have been gone .

Although , one thing is for sure, my blogging style has changed  and you will be seeing a variety of fun and entertaining posts  from food, to DIY's to lifestyle. So please stay tuned and enjoy .

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